Hong Kong Polo Team

A Brief History of Polo

​​Polo first emerged in China in the Han Dynasty over 2000 years ago. The sport was then known as Ji Ju and was a nobleman's sport to show off his wealth and prowess on horseback. 

Polo prevailed in the Tang Dynasty for hundreds of years but gradually fell into decline during the Qing Dynasty.

During the 13th Century Polo spread to India and subsequently Europe, where it transformed into the traditional game we know today. Polo is often referred to as 'the Sport of Kings' and has the reputation of being the oldest equestrian sport in the world and the fastest field sport.

Polo has reemerged in China in the past few years and is growing rapidly, currently with 5 Polo clubs and more planned in the near future.


"Let us venture, Let us dare"


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I would like to congratulate you and your team at Asia World Polo for conceiving this exciting event... I am confident that the inaugural event will exceed expectations and will become one of the region's top social, sporting, cultural and business events."

Neil Hobday

Chief Executive  - Guards Polo Club



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